Underactive Thyroid? Try Bladderwrack!

People suffering from underactive thyroids definitely have weight management on the mind. This is because an underactive thyroid, commonly referred to as hypothyroidism, almost always leads to weight gain that is difficult to control. Hypothyroidism is generally treated by taking drugs such as levothyroxine, but as many people know, no matter how effective pharmaceutical treatments can be, they very often come with a large quantity of unwanted side effects. Luckily, there are natural ways to treat thyroid conditions for those who are so inclined. In the particular case of hypothyroidism, one herb that can help ease symptoms like weight gain is Bladderwrack.

The reason that Bladderwrack is such an effective natural treatment for hypothyroidism is because of its high iodine concentration; iodine is one of the essential elements that thyroids and the endocrine system in general need to function optimally. Bladderwrack is a kelp that is native to colder ocean waters. Infusing bladderwrack regularly into a given diet will help restore balance to the iodine balance in the thyroid; thus, the thyroid will be able to more efficiently process hormones and keep the metabolism running smoothly–a key to avoiding weight gain.

Bladderwrack can be ordered online or purchased in certain organic food stores. It can be eaten or taken in pill form. Obtaining bladderwrack is not too terribly difficult and it is definitely cheaper than many of the pharmaceutical thyroid treatment options on the market.

Even though bladderwrack is a part of nature, anyone interested in using it as a form of treatment should make sure to consult a trusted physician first. Given that bladderwrack contains high concentrations of iodine, it is important to be judicious about bladderwrack use; too much iodine can also cause thyroid problems as well as thyroid cancers and goiters. It is always good to be a smart medical consumer and smart medical consumers learns the risks and rewards of all treatment options and then select the best one with the help of a doctor.

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