Hypnosis and the Mind: A Life-Changing Relationship


hypnoThe mind. It is a complex concept that many people debate and struggle to understand. Generally, however, the mind is defined as a set of certain intellectual faculties, originating in the brain, which work in tandem to allow humans (as well as animals) to think, judge, remember, perceive and above all live in a state of consciousness.


The cognitive faculties of the mind, however, do not always function in a way that promotes optimal health and happiness. The mind can very often descend into the misery of depression, addictions, low self-esteem and any other mental illness that has a negative impact on the way we live. Luckily, however, the mind can be brought into balance—the mind can be brought under control for positive outcomes. And one method of getting the mind to function more positively is hypnosis.


Hypnosis is a practice that has been around for a long time; 3000 years, in fact, as it was used by the ancient Egyptians. The main idea behind hypnosis is that the mind—more specifically its thoughts, beliefs and attitudes—shapes reality. Thus, learning to intentionally use the mind—learning to intentionally shape thoughts, beliefs and attitudes—can lead each mind to create his or her best possible reality.


Hypnosis can be as simple as leading yourself through mindful meditations and positive affirmations each day, but you can also seek out a hypnotherapist for a more prescriptive, guided program. During a hypnosis session, for example, a hypnotherapist will help the patient relax to the point where his or her subconscious mind can be fed suggestions and ideas that it will be receptive to. This process is called hypnotic induction and it is in no way dangerous—quite the contrary; it is soothing and healing when done correctly. In a way, then, hypnosis is like a re-programming of the mind for health.


There are many reasons people seek hypnosis. Some look to hypnosis to lose weight, others to break down negative relating patterns that harm intimate relationships. Hypnosis can even be used to quit smoking. Whatever your reason for seeking hypnosis, one thing is certain: when you create a relationship between hypnosis and your mind, the outcome can be life-changing in ways you never imagined. So give it a try!

The human mind is a mysterious and powerful thing and you have the ability to be the master of your own mind through hypnosis. What do you think?  Have you ever tried hypnosis?  What was the outcome?

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