Don’t Be a Junk Food Junkie!

Anyone trying to lose weight knows darn well to stay away from junk food. But knowing and doing are two very different things.  Fast food chains and corporations churning out sugary sweets and salty snacks have spread like wildfire across the … [Read more...]

What role should fast food play in our lives?

Junk food, fast food, processed food—whatever you choose to call it, it is everywhere. The proliferation of fast food across the globe has caused a sharp increase in obesity, particularly in the Western world, and according to the Australian … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating Pitfalls For Teenagers

Louisa Stokes / Do teenagers need to eat more or differently than adults? In short: yes. The teen years are a time of rapid body development and physical activity, so teenagers need a daily increase of calories, … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating Habits for Healthy Moms and Babies

If you have just welcomed your little one into the world, then it is important that you remember to eat healthy in all the hullaballoo surrounding a new baby. A nutritious diet is crucial for breast-feeding moms because they are the … [Read more...]

What Fuels Our Love Affair With Junk Food?

It is no secret that people love junk food. Aside from the high rates of obesity sweeping across the Western world, evidence of our worship at the junk food alter is displayed in the amount of fast food chains and companies churning out sugary sweets … [Read more...]