The Mind and NLP: The Language of Change

NLP, also known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a therapeutic method that can help people suffering from a variety of mental and physical ailments: depression, anxiety, smoking and overeating to name just a few. So how exactly does this work? By … [Read more...]

The Mind-Body Connection

  The connection between the body and mind has been at the center of medical, spiritual and cultural discussions for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Most cultural, spiritual and medical traditions agree that there is a definite mind-body … [Read more...]

Hypnosis and the Mind: A Life-Changing Relationship

  The mind. It is a complex concept that many people debate and struggle to understand. Generally, however, the mind is defined as a set of certain intellectual faculties, originating in the brain, which work in tandem to allow humans (as well … [Read more...]

5 Fat Burning Foods To Boost Your Weight Loss Journey

The weight loss journey is filled with slippery slopes and one that is particularly slick is the miracle diet path; that is, diets that promise amazing fat burning foods and pills that require no effort.  This road should be avoided by those who … [Read more...]

Body Fat Is Made By Calories And Not Protein

When it comes to weight loss, body fat plays a big role but many people don’t really understand either how to lose body fat or what is responsible for the build-up of body fat. False weight loss prophets spread a lot of misinformation related … [Read more...]

Weight Loss is Not Fat Loss, What’s the difference?

  Many people who are trying to lose weight fail to make the distinction between weight loss and fat loss. A big mistake, since weight loss and fat loss are not interchangeable terms.  Misunderstanding that there is a major difference … [Read more...]

Water and Weight Loss

    Drinking water can help you lose weight. No, this advice is not a tagline from a fancy crash diet or miracle weight loss cure: drinking water will only assist in your weight loss endeavors when combined with proper diet and exercise. … [Read more...]

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

  If you are trying to lose weight or are simply interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then regular exercise is a key ingredient in their recipe of goal achievement. However, many of us are struggling with lives that are increasingly … [Read more...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

  Neuro-linguistic programming is a concept that you may or may not have heard of but learning more about it could change your life.  Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is a system that explores the dynamics between mind, language, and … [Read more...]

Who is Jon Gabriel?

  Jon Gabriel is a name that has been reverberating through the weight loss world for nearly a decade. He is the founder of the Gabriel Method, a holistic approach to achieving your body’s optimal weight and health. Aside from having … [Read more...]