Beef Up the B! The Health Benefits of Vitamin B6

The Health Benefits of Vitamin B6Are you striving towards personal health goals like happiness, longevity or weight loss? If so, then

you should definitely take a moment to check out the health benefits of vitamin B6—this 

nutrient could be a game changer in your efforts to stay physically and mentally fit.

Vitamin B6 is a nutrient that is water soluble; this means that it is flushed out of the body on a 

daily basis and thus it needs to be re-introduced to the body on the daily basis. The daily 

replenishing of vitamin B6 will help your body in the following ways:

• Vitamin B6 strengthens and synthesizes the antibodies needed to fight illnesses caused 

by viral or bacterial infections.

• Vitamin B6 assists in the creation of red blood cells.

• Vitamin B6 helps keep moods stabilized—it assists in the production of dopamine and 

serotonin and keeps all other neurotransmitters in the brain firing as effectively as 


• Vitamin B6 helps you digest your food

• Vitamin B6 is a natural anti-inflammatory nutrient that can help you avoid nagging 

problems like joint pain and deadly problems like heart disease.

As you can see from the information given above, vitamin B6 is truly a versatile nutrient—a 

vitamin that impacts your body in a variety of positive ways. So how do you get it in your body on

a daily basis? One option, of course, is to invest in some good quality vitamin B6 supplements, 

but maybe you are someone who wants to get nutrition benefits from more than just pills. 

Luckily, then, there are a plethora of foods out there that will pump you full of vitamin B6. These 


• Fish

• Green and multicolored fruits and vegetables

• Legumes like chickpeas, lentils and soybeans

• Nuts and whole grains

So, basically, eating healthy is what gets vitamin B6 into your body. And eating healthy will help 

you live longer, feel happier, and lose weight—all of the personal health goals we talked about at 

the beginning of the article. 

Vitamin B6—talk about a super nutrient! 

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