What is Involved?

You call the number on this brochure and book your three, four or six  Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions.  Forms will be sent out to you to complete.  You then arrive at the agreed date and time, with your forms, for your  session and meet with your Weight Loss Specialist.  You will complete some initial paperwork and then begin your session, which will consist of: 

· Some background information about you and your eating habits and lifestyle

· A discussion about the specific reasons about why you want to lose weight and your eating history

· A discussion about the Weight Loss Therapy system and how it works

· Commencing the hypnosis session which will include Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), reframing, and other systems.

· You will also be given support materials at the end of the session to help ensure you continue  your journey and confirm your second visit. 


What It Is Not

· No pain

· No major life changes

· No chemicals

· No dangerous drugs – in fact no drugs at all

· No patches or pills

· No needles 

Have a healthy, wealthy and happy life!